Energeze® Technology: Relief Using Your Body’s Natural Energy

Prezacor®’s all natural Energeze® technology uses a unique broad-area surface electrode made from a proprietary formula that absorbs, resonates and delivers a wide range of naturally occurring waveforms found within all living tissue. Acting like an active antenna, the Energeze Patch absorbs energy from the painful location of the body and reflects the energy back over time, creating a gentle, warming, soothing sensation.

Gentle, Soothing Comfort

Energeze TreatmentThe Energeze treatment is a simple process during which the Patch absorbs and redistributes your body’s pain energy:

  1. Your body produces surface energy when you are in pain.
  2. The Energeze Patch absorbs this energy.
  3. The energy is then redistributed by the Energeze Patch, reducing your discomfort.

A Highly Effective and Inexpensive Solution

In trials with a board certified neurologist, the Energeze technology was shown to have more than a 70% positive response rate for people with chronic lower back pain.  The participants in this study had lower back pain for an average of 15 years, and most reported that their condition greatly improved.