The Energeze® Back Patch: Natural, Soothing Comfort

Prezacor®’s all new Energeze Back Patch provides odorless, gentle and medicine-free relief for aches and pains.

The Patch’s physician-developed technology uses your body’s natural energy to soothe backaches, sprains and sore muscles, and its proprietary adhesive formulation provides extra support and stability for your muscles and joints.

Why Use the Energeze Back Patch?

Comfortable & Easy to Use – The Energeze Patch uses a proprietary skin-friendly adhesive that is easy to apply and painless to remove. It will keep its shape during daily activities, and can be removed,  re-positioned and reused for up to 5 days.

Gentle, Odorless Formula – The unique Energeze formula does not contain menthol or any other odor-producing chemicals, so you can wear it under your clothes all day without drawing attention.

No Drugs, No Side Effects – The Energeze Patch is an all natural solution to restore, relieve and re-energize your body, providing gentle relief for back pain and other ailments. It doesn’t contain any medicine, so there are no side effects to worry about.

Versatile – You can reuse the Energeze Patch for up to 5 days during your normal daily activities – work, play and rest – with and instead of other pain management therapies.