About Prezacor

Prezacor® was founded by two physicians, Dr. Gary Karpf and Dr. Robin Karpf.  Together, they conducted ground-breaking research on how distortions in the physio-electrical properties of various tissues are intrinsically associated with pain.

Using their findings, Dr. Gary Karpf developed new technology designed to harness the body’s own electromagnetic fields, while Dr. Robin Karpf designed the initial products for use in clinical trials.  James Pachence, an experienced entrepreneurial manager of medical devices, recently joined the Prezacor team to organize its business strategy and provide commercial development expertise.

The Prezacor scientists created a thin, flexible semi-conductor device that can accept an electrical charge, act as a capacitor (holding a charge for a significant period of time), and then release the accumulated energy at lower frequencies and intensities.  Our scientists found that this unique broad-area surface electrode, which they dubbed the Energeze® Patch, delivers low wavelength energy when placed on the body that produce a soothing relaxation response.

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