Introducing The Energeze Back Patch

Prezacor is excited to announce our new odorless, gentle and medicine-free Energeze Back Patch! The Patch provides natural, soothing comfort for your back and other parts of the body using a unique proprietary formula that absorbs energy from the surface of your skin at the site of pain. Prezacor’s specially-developed adhesive formulation provides extra support and stability for muscles and joints, giving you a natural form of pain relief.

How the Energeze Patch Works

Physician Developed, All Natural Pain Relief

At Prezacor®, we develop all natural products designed to relieve aches and pains to help you stay active. Our odorless, medicine-free technology uses your body’s natural energy to ease discomfort without side effects.

Our team of physicians and scientists is dedicated to developing non-pharmacological pain management solutions that improve health and well-being for active adults, including the all new Energeze® Back Patch.

Why the Energeze Patch?

Our scientists designed the Energeze Patch to provide soothing natural relief for your back and other chronic pain. It can be used on its own or in combination with other therapies. It helps you stay active by being:

  • Medicine-free
  • Odorless
  • Reusable for 5 Days
  • Gentle

How Does It Work?

Energezics® technology uses a unique broad-area surface electrode made from a proprietary formula, which absorbs, resonates, and delivers a wide range of naturally occurring waveforms found within all living tissue. The Energeze® Back Patch delivers low energy waveforms, producing a soothing relaxation response that is often accompanied by reports of a distinctive pleasurable sensation.  Download the whitepaper>>

What are People Saying About Energeze?

See what actress Alley Mills of The Bold and The Beautiful has to say about her experience with the Energeze Patch: